Humanism and the Urban World: Leon Battista Alberti and the Renaissance City, Caspar Pearson


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Ernest Pignon-Ernest works constantly on the links between people and places, using drawings made from images of famous people, events or even paintings to “re-inhabit” a place that holds their memory and so engendering reactions with the contemporary inhabitants of that place, or with simple passers by: you and me in other words. His work is rarely shown in galleries. It is truly “street art” in the sense that it uses the street as its wall and its audience. This series of photographs shows examples of the work he did between 1988 and 1995 in Naples, using images from Italian paintings, essentially by Caravaggio. (via)


Details from the Roman Arch of Constantine, dedicated in AD 312. This triumphal arch is situated between the Palatine Hill and Colosseum in Rome, and was built by the Senate to commemorate the victory of Constantine the Great in the Battle of Milvian Bridge.

Photos taken by Steve James.

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